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Dongyang Group Co., Ltd. is a large conglomerate, under which there are five words of your company. Dongyang Ceramics Co., Ltd Dongyang sanitary ceramics, four gas stations, four transport companies and seed farms Gao'an port. Company can provide customers with production, marketing, logistics and other train services, low cost, efficient fast. Well-known companies in the building ceramics industry base in China - the sun Gao'an town, 50 kilometers from Nanchang, transport facilities, strategic location, advanced communications, close to raw material suppliers, rich labor resources and skilled, with excellent conditions for production and processing . Annual turnover of more than 5 billion yuan.


Dongyang Ceramics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in 300 * 300mm, 300 * 450mm small tiles, 600 * 600mm, 800 * 800mm polished tiles, antique bricks, tiles, outer wall, the wall and other large-scale modern ceramic enterprise. Dongyang Ceramics Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds of sanitary toilet, range, style variety, fashionable and unique.


Advanced management system, advanced processing equipment, advanced production technology and strict quality control process and the professional staff and improve the service. 2.5 billion of fixed assets investment, the introduction of a series of large tonnage of 4280 tons -7200 tons of other domestic and foreign press, the most advanced production equipment. More than 1,000 company employees, professional engineers, technicians, more than 100 people; production base is strong in technology, product quality. Will be product innovation, the concept of innovation as the driving force behind the development of enterprises, innovation and change, the introduction of various professionals, strive to improve product and management quality, Dongyang Group to create new achievements and glory.


Dongyang Ceramics "new high-security" "Dongyang" two brands, sanitary ceramics Co., Ltd. Dongyang a "clean bath" brand, there are a variety of products under the brand, its high quality, fashionable styles, super anti-pollution, high quality, quality stability, full range, low-carbon and environmental protection advantages, the majority of customers and praise, and exported to various countries and regions around the world.


The company set forces launched a strong "healthy living, green home, unlimited space, Better Life" brand philosophy Dongyang ceramics, advocates promote a health, sports, elegant, romantic life, pay attention to people and nature, the harmony of space unity, so home life is full of sunshine and warm atmosphere and feel. In addition, to meet different market needs, Dongyang company also has launched a number of brands, sales channels but also from Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang and Anhui gradually extended to Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Shaanxi, Jiangsu and other provinces and area. By the praise and trust of our customers.


Group development so far, and always adhering to the "quality, integrity, service, specific" business philosophy, product innovation, technological innovation, ideas, innovation and service oriented as the driving force behind the development of enterprises, the company's operating principles with a wealth of resources and labor advantage, more than by the quality of products, quality service and fast delivery times and constantly open up the development of domestic and foreign markets, has won domestic and international customers and friends of the appreciation and trust. In continuous innovation and change, and continuously enhance the overall strength, the introduction of various professionals, strive to improve product quality and management level, improve management, strengthen the core competitiveness and overall forces, and constantly create in the ceramic industry's brands and the leading position ! Chairman of the board Dongyang way to bring the total company staff sincerely welcome friends call letter, to negotiate business!


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